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The story of Menta Ferrero


Born in 1960 and today a successful entrepreneur, Andrea Ferrero completed his studies in economics and developed an active professional life in Italy and around the world. In 2014, Ferrero eventually sold his companies, returning to his country of origin and breathing new life into the ancient flavours and warm atmosphere of his native land. Meeting with elderly farmers in the area, thanks to his last living uncle already in his seventies, Ferrero rediscovered the origins of the family and made the decision to revive the outstanding history of those characteristic lands, where for centuries rural activities focused on the cultivation of medicinal plants and in particular of mint (almost all of Italy’s domestic production of excellence comes from an area with just over 3,000 inhabitants!).



The complex cultivation process of the plant and the subsequent extraction of the mint essence requires the presence of a particular microclimate and specific morphological characteristics of the soil, which are present only in this area (the Po River once flowed over the land cultivated today, until the 16th century). This wonderful plant has many uses and is especially known for its precious “pepperminty” quality, used in the production of some the best candies in the world, in the flavouring of famous drinks and syrups, as well as in almost all high end cosmetics scented with mint, as well as in many pharmaceutical products with analgesic, antinevralgic and decongestant characteristics.





<--- great-grandfather Giuseppe (1872 - 1927)


<--- grandfather Michele, appointed “Cavaliere di Vittorio Veneto” (1899 - 1972)


For this very reason, great-grandfather Giuseppe Ferrero, and before him, Cav. di Vittorio Veneto Michele Ferrero, both pictured in the spring of 1923, already engaged in these production activities. To this day, the symbol of the village continues to be the alembic.



Thanks to the efforts of the Salesian agricultural school, a genuine source of pride of the village for over 100 years, (founded by Don Rua, first successor of Don Bosco, in 1901), today, an antique instrument is now on display at the Southern village entrance.

The alembic on display certifies the vocation of the territory to the processing of medicinal herbs and clearly illustrates the steps involved in the extraction of the essential oil from Mint, using the traditional water distillation method.


The discovery of an ancient recipe has given rise to the idea of producing, according to the traditional method, a beverage characterised by a strong digestive power whose name could only be “Menta Ferrero”, in honour of the family’s centenary history.

Today, knowledgeable and expert craftsmen continue to skilfully mix pure alcohol, raw sugar, water and mint extract, in the right proportions, to create a soft and homogeneous end product with a fresh taste, pleasantly refreshing and digestive.

Enjoy “Mentaferrero” chilled after a few hours in the freezer and have fun.


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Mentaferrero™ è un liquore digestivo a base di olio essenziale di menta piperita. La sua gradazione moderata lo rende fruibile a tutti gli adulti. Ottimo come digestivo per finire un pasto, può anche essere utilizzato per...
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